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Social Business Nirvana: Where Social Business Intelligence is Harnessed.

Your One Stop Social Shop

Your one stop social shop

Social Business Nirvana: Where Data Insights drive Business Decisions.

Social Branding Strategi

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Elevate, Build and Maintain a Brand that resonates with your audience through the power of Design and Strategy.

Social Inbound Strategi

How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

Turn your Brand website into a Lead Generation Machine with an integrated digital marketing strategy consisting of Content, Social, Email and SEO.

Social Engagement Strategi

social engagment strategi

Don’t just be present on Social Media. Be seen as a Thought Leader and engage your Audience with the right mixture of text + visual content.

Social Business Nirvana: Where  Social + Data + Advertising are leveraged for Growth Hacking.

Social Data Strategi

Top Mobile-First Social Apps Infographic

Uncover patterns, behavior and predictive intelligence from your own social data as well as that of your competition.

Social Audience Strategi

segment social

Understand your top Community Tribes, their interests and affinities to create tailored audiences similar to the tribes of your closest ideal customer fit.

Social Advertising Strategi

We manage facebook advertising

Target your Social Ads to Twitter Ids that fit your ideal customer persona. Use a non interruptible approach and show relevant ads on Facebook and Twitter only to people more likely to take action, yielding higher ROI.

Social Business Nirvana: Is a New Way of Business Thinking, Where Human Relationships are Amplified.

Social Influencer Strategi

social audience targeting

Know who your top social community influencers are alongwith their most talked about content, their geographical locations, their top hashtags, etc.

Social Advocacy Strategi

social advocacy

Identify people who love your Brand and also identify those who hate your Competitor’s brand and turn them into your biggest brand advocates.

Social PR Strategi

social advertising

Connect with not only the industry tech reporters but also influential bloggers in your space by leveraging social data insight.

Social Business Nirvana: Where People Come First and Your Tribes are Your Biggest Asset.

Social Care Strategi

social customer care

Deliver exceptional customer service to your Customers and Partners at the right time by listening to their concerns, ideas, feedback and suggestions and building an interactive community.

Social Reputation Strategi

social media publishing

Listen to your brand conversations, as well as monitor your brand name, a trending topic, hastag or industry news and take appropriate action at the right time.

Social Growth Strategi

social growth hack

Increase Fans, Social Engagement, Website Traffic, App installs, Event Registrations and check ins, Whitepaper downloads, Email subscriptions, etc by using the power of social media strategy.

100%  Managed Social Data Intelligence for Social Business Nirvana

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