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The next big thing in Business Intelligence.

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Why Audience Insights matters?

How can Audience Affinities help my Brand?

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Agreed! Audience Insights is Cool!

But isn't it expensive?

Tools, Data Scientists, Expertise?

We'll provide you the insights you need

We take some of the heavy unwieldy, unstructured data and turn that into hell of a compelling and relevant story.


Key Features

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    Right amount of Data

    Only the data you need, when you need it at your disposal.

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    No upfront Cost

    You don’t need to invest in expensive Data Tools, build your own tools using APIs, pay for Data by amount used or hire in-house Data Scientists.

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    Discover your Tribes

    We’ll find the groups of people in your audience with common interests based on what and who they choose to follow.

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    Understand your Audience

    We’ll analyze billions of network connections, bio details and conversations in real-time to find audiences with similar interests, behaviors and networks.

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    Target your Tribes

    Use audience affinities to build effective digital strategies and campaigns.

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    Develop new Audiences

    Create custom look alike audiences to tribes that your Brand cares about.

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    Uncover hidden Stories

    Know what your audience is talking about, top used hashtags, geographical locations and top shared content in links, images and videos.

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    Outwit your Competition

    Whether you want to look at your own brand, the competition, the industry or a conversation, Social Strategi can help you uncover the critical insights.

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    Identify Brand Influencers

    We’ll tell you who your top community influencers are so you can leverage them for Brand Advocacy and PR.

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    Yield higher Conversions

    Get unconventional results with cheaper, more targeted ads placed only to those who are most likely to buy.

Audience Affinities: The next Big Thing

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