Social Business Nirvana

Social Business Nirvana

We’ll help you with Growth Hacking

The Social Strategi Factor

Whether you’re looking for more App installs, more Leads or more Traffic, we can help

Most Agencies focus on Likes

We focus on Engagement!

We focus on Engagement

16,998 new page likes at $0.092 CPL with a like rate of 93.7% is great for Brand Awareness. But by engaging 39,000 people into the conversation, this like number now means a lot more to your Business.

Not only Your Engaged Audience will help Boost your Social Klout Score but will also create more traffic and better qualified leads in the future.

What Our Customers think of Us

We’ll help you define your Custom Audience even if you don’t have Customers yet.

We’ll even show you how to leverage your Competition’s Social Data!

leverage competitons social data

Whether you’re looking for CPA, CPC, CPM or optimized conversion Bidding, we’ll help you define a custom Ad Strategy, precise Audience Targeting, create Several Ad Variations, set up A/B testing and provide you a clear ROI of how these Ads are helping Your Business.

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social strategi partial client list

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Shilpi is a Social Business Strategist and Founder of Social Strategi. Also a Social Data Analyst and Social Business Speaker, Shilpi has over 15 years of Marketing experience in the B2B and B2C space. With an experience of strategizing and optimizing 2,645 Ads, she has helped Clients understand their social audience and target them for user acquisition, app installs, generate leads, boost traffic, increase conversions and skyrocket revenue.

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