10 salary myths featured infographic

10 Common Salary Myths Infographic

While growing up, you would never think about becoming a Garbage Man as a way to earn more salary than a Sales Manager.

Check out this interesting Infographic that defies 10 Common Salary Myths. 

Who would have thought that a Stripper would make an average of $20,000 more per year than a School Teacher.

Could you ever imagine that becoming a Couch Potato could get you more money than a busy bee Worker?

How about the comparison between a reputed Account Manager and a Wine Steward?

This one is a shocker. A Submarine Cook gets an annual salary of $200,000 as compared to a Creative Director who gets $94,000 per  year.

This one might be expected. An Egg Donor makes $60,000 a year as compared to a midwife who earns a salary of $34,000 per year.

A Magician earns slightly more money per year than the annual salary of a Social Media Specialist.

A Chocolatier enjoying his/ her fun job earns $90,000 per year as compared to the sweat put in by an Athletic Trainer who makes $44,000.

Being a Lifeguard at NewPort Beach definitely has its perks! Besides other things, even the salary perk is significant as compared to the national average of a  Firefighter’s annual salary – $98,000 vs $47,000.

Boy! This one is off the charts. Hot dogs and baseball are a classic team. Who would have thought that a Minor League Baseball Player who’s the main attraction during a Baseball season earns $10,000 per season while some Hot Dog Vendors make $100,000 per season selling hot dogs during the game.

10 common salary myths infographic

10 common salary myths infographic

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