The 7 Digital Marketing Styles [Infographic]

Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computerssmartphonescellphonestablets and game consoles to engage with stakeholders. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks. (Wikipedia

There are mainly 2 types of Digital marketing – Push method and Pull method.

In the Push method of digital marketing, the digital marketer pushes out content on all marketing channels and hopes the potential customer to consume it.

However, in the Pull method of digital marketing, the consumer actively seeks the marketing content which is a much better and effective way to market your services or products.

Here’s an Infographic by Optify that talks about The 7 Digital Marketing Styles that can be applied to both Push and Pull Marketing Types

the 7 types of digital marketing infographic:

  1. Focus on Data: The Digital Marketer following this style is heavily focussed on data. He loves testing email campaigns, calls to actions, time of the day, subject line variations and influence on different social networks.
  2. Focus on Visual Appeal: This Digital Marketer adores visually appealing graphics. They believe that visual is the way to achieve Social Nirvana and digital engagement. (I’m guilty of falling under this Marketing Style)
  3. Focus on Social Media: This Digital Marketer is a Social Media butterfly and has to share every little detail with everyone else on the web. 
  4. Focus on Testing: The Digital Marketer following this style of digital marketing has to try every new social network, every new device, every new platform or app in beta out there to test his digital marketing techniques.
  5. Focus on Loudest: This Digital Marketer always has something to say when everyone else is done. He thinks that his style of digital marketing of being the loudest will get him heard the most and thinks highly of the Push marketing method.
  6. Focus on Old School: This Digital Marketer still believes in the time tested old school Digital and non Digital marketing methods and believes they still work today.
  7. Focus on Critique: This Digital Marketer is focussed more on Competitive Analysis and finding faults of others than finding out what’s working and what’s not with his own Marketing methods.


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