Social Media is the World's largest focus group and we help our Clients leverage it to find golden nuggets of insights to target their next ideal Customer.

We specialize in Audience Insights and Audience Development through Intelligent Social Media Targeting. We're Tool agnostic. We provide an end to end growth solution that leverages Social Data without the investment in Tools or hiring in house Data Scientists.

Our Mission: Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth!

Social Business Nirvana
Shilpi Agarwal


Shilpi is a Social Data Evangelist, Growth Hacker, Social Good Advocate, Speaker and Startup Advisor.

She's the Chief Social Data Analyst and Founder of Social Strategi.

She's a passionate Business Leader who inspires the next generation of Entrepreneurs and Innovators. She started The Social Business School to evangelize the use of Social Data for Business Growth.

She hosts a weekly podcast called ‘The Social CMO Show’ where chief marketing officers and passionate business leaders talk about the marketing challenges they face today and how they leverage Social Data to solve them. She writes as the Growth Marketing Expert for Startup Grind that inspires 400,000 Entrepreneurs worldwide.

In 2015, Social Media Today called her ‘Social Business Professional on the move’ for her contributions to Social Business and Growth.

She's currently writing a book - Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth: How To Leverage Social Media, Social Data and Social Good for Business, Community and Global Growth. If you have any ideas, she's loved to hear from you.

CLAIRE CHANG, Managing Partner

Claire is a hands-on marketing leader with over fifteen years experience helping companies achieve their business objectives through strategic marketing, brand positioning, social media, and public relations initiatives. Claire believes in the clients with whom she works and partners with her clients’ teams as an integral member fully committed to the success of each organization.

Claire enjoys working with consumer electronics companies, mobile applications, tech startups, professionals, nonprofits, governments, and global companies and organizations. She approaches each project and partnership with passion, just as she has in her personal dedication to social entrepreneurship, youth organizations, and Asian American leadership.