Social Strategi is a Social Business Agency that brings Social Business Nirvana by reordering traditional organizational thinking, leveraging advanced social data insights and making the most of the intelligence available through social media.

Social Business Nirvana focuses on Integrated Social Business Strategy, Social Media Branding, Social Data, Social Data Analytics, Social Visual Content, Social Customer Care, Social Community Management and Social Advertising.

What sets us apart is that we bring the power of 4 in 1 team who are experts in Integrated Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Visual Content and Creative Storytelling who believe:

Social Business Nirvana = Social Media + Social Data + Storytelling + Data Visualization.

Shilpi Agarwal, the Founder of Social Strategi, is a self proclaimed Marketing Guru, an Analytical Nerd and a Design Junkie. Her mission in life is: ‘Data is powerful. Let’s make it Unforgettable.’

Shilpi Agarwal

If you’re ready for Social Business Nirvana with the right mixture of Data + Story + Visualization, please get in touch with us and let the magic begin!

Let The Magic Begin