Social Strategi, is a Social Media Agency with Data Intelligence Chops that harnesses the power of Social Data Intelligence to strategize and execute Paid Media Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google for our Clients.

Armed with the power of understanding a Brand's Ideal Audience using Social Consumer Insights coupled with the power of Intelligent Targeting, we help reduce wasted ad spend and bring up to 10X return on investment.

Because we provide an end to end managed growth solution, we help our Clients' save over $300K/ year in fixed recurring costs over Social Data Tools, in-house Data Scientists, Growth Strategists, and Advertising Specialists.

Our Mission: Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth!

Social Business Nirvana
Shilpi Agarwal


Shilpi is the Founder and Chief Social Data Analyst at Social Strategi.

She agrees with Steve Jobs "You can only connect the dots looking backward!" and now sees how her unique and diverse background in Engineering + Design + Marketing playing such a significant role in helping her Clients every day.

Shilpi is a passionate marketing leader who likes to educate and inspire people on the importance and power of Social Data and how it can be leveraged for sustainable business growth.

When Shilpi is not busy managing high budget client campaigns, teaching growth hacking workshops, hosting a podcast, writing for The Social Business School, advising a Startup or being with her friends, she's working on her book Social Data Intelligence: Strategies to Master Product, Launch and Growth.

CLAIRE CHANG, Managing Partner

Claire is a hands-on marketing leader with over fifteen years experience helping companies achieve their business objectives through strategic marketing, brand positioning, social media, and public relations initiatives. Claire believes in the clients with whom she works and partners with her clients’ teams as an integral member fully committed to the success of each organization.

Claire enjoys working with consumer electronics companies, mobile applications, tech startups, professionals, nonprofits, governments, and global companies and organizations. She approaches each project and partnership with passion, just as she has in her personal dedication to social entrepreneurship, youth organizations, and Asian American leadership.