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Social Business Nirvana
Shilpi Agarwal


Shilpi is a Social Business Strategist, Speaker and Founder of Social Strategi. Shilpi has over 15 years of Marketing experience in the B2B and B2C space. With an experience of strategizing and optimizing 2,645 Ads, she helps Clients understand their social audience and target them for user acquisition, app installs, generate leads, boost traffic, increase conversions and skyrocket revenue.

Fondly named ‘The Social Data Girl‘, Shilpi is the host of The Social CMO podcast which is an exclusive interview with the thought leaders of our times.

Join her in the conversation on Twitter @shilpiagarwal01 #SocialDataGirl

CLAIRE CHANG, Managing Partner

Claire is a hands-on marketing leader with over fifteen years experience helping companies achieve their business objectives through strategic marketing, brand positioning, social media, and public relations initiatives. Claire believes in the clients with whom she works and partners with her clients’ teams as an integral member fully committed to the success of each organization.

Claire enjoys working with consumer electronics companies, mobile applications, tech startups, professionals, nonprofits, governments, and global companies and organizations. She approaches each project and partnership with passion, just as she has in her personal dedication to social entrepreneurship, youth organizations, and Asian American leadership.