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Does my Startup need an Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos are all the rage these days. But just because you have a Startup, should you have an Explainer Video as well? If you find yourself asking this question, ‘Does my Startup need an Explainer Video?’, maybe this post will help.

1. 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube alone.

2. By 2014, 90% of internet traffic will be video.

3. 60% of visitors watch video before reading text on the same webpage.

4. 122% people do a video search for a new product or service they see online.

5. Watching online videos is now a mainstream activity. 

6. 78% of people watch videos online at least once a week.

7. 55% people watch video on a daily basis.

8. Viewers retain 58% more information while watching a video than reading.

9. Bounce off rate for visitors watching video is less.

10. 64% of website visitors who watched a video on your site are more likely to purchase than the visitors who did not.


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11. Videos are viral in nature and get more shares.

12. Video promotions are 6X more effective than print or direct mail campaigns.

13. 48% of mobile users watch videos on their smart phones.

14. A 2 minute video is enough to convince a person that your Startup is worth paying attention to.

15. Videos in Search results get 41% more clicks than text listings.

16. Did you know that after 72 hours of visiting a website, visitors remember 10% of text, 65% images and visuals and 90% of video.

17. 80% users who watch your complete Explainer video will click on other links to learn about your product or service.

18. According to Forbes, 75% of Business executives watch videos on business related websites at least once a week.

19. Video has a 53 times greater chance of ranking on the first result page than its textual counterpart.

20. 500 tweets per every minute contain a video link.

Your Turn : Tell us what you think – Does your Startup need an Explainer Video? 

Author: Shilpi Agarwal Shilpi is a Visual Content Strategist and Founder of Social Strategi that helps Startups and B2B organizations achieve Social Nirvana with Visual Content. A Storyteller, Analytical Nerd and self proclaimed Marketing Guru, Shilpi helps Companies strategize, produce, distribute and analyze content for their Content Marketing Machine that boosts SEO, drives Traffic, creates Demand, increases Social Influence and skyrockets Conversion.

5 Responses to "Does my Startup need an Explainer Video?"

  1. Nicholas Humphries
    Nicholas Humphries 5 months ago .Reply

    Best of all.. they convert :-)

    • Shilpi Agarwal
      Shilpi Agarwal 5 months ago .Reply

      Very true, Nicolas! Yes, if the Explainer Video is designed well so that it can explain how the product/ service can solve the viewer’s pain point, conversion is easy!

  2. How It Works Media
    How It Works Media 3 months ago .Reply

    We make explainer videos and even WE need an explainer video! or two! Those stats are so powerful how can anyone have a website without video content today. It’s a necessity.

  3. Marc Scott
    Marc Scott 2 months ago .Reply

    That’s a ton of great information to take in. Some really amazing facts. It’s been fun to be a part of the explainer video market as a voice actor. More and more people are realizing the true value and stats like these only back up what marketers and producers alike have been saying all along!

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