How can a small business increase engagement on social media

How can a small business increase engagement on social media? An exclusive Interview with Lissa Duty, Vice President of community management for Advice Interactive Group as well as the organizer and co-founder of Rocks Digital, in this episode of The Social CMO Show.


A little bit about Lissa Duty:

Lissa specializes in leveraging social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow her clients’ brand awareness. She started out as a virtual Assistant who specializes in Social Media Marketing, and now all she does is social media marketing, and is known online as the “Online Social Coach”.


Follow Lissa Duty on Twitter: @LissaDuty Rocks Digital: @RocksDigital

Show Notes:

  1. How can small business owners use social media to promote themselves on a shoe string budget?
  2. With organic reach decline on Facebook, how can a small business increase engagement?
  3. What is the best way to identify and connect with your top social influencers?
  4. Practical tips on using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to target your desired audience.
  5. How to increase social engagement without noise?
  6. How to use social media effectively for lead generation?
  7. What social media data should one pay attention to?
  8. How to turn this data into actionable insight?
  9. How to prove Social Media ROI?
  10. Key takeaway: How to manage and justify time spent in social media?
  11. Rocks Digital Conference: What can one expect?


All this and more in this episode.

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Author: Shilpi Agarwal Shilpi is a Social Data Evangelist + Analytical Nerd + Design Junkie. She leads Social Strategi, a Social Media Agency with data intelligence chops that harnesses the power of social data intelligence to strategize and execute paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. She’s also a Speaker, Podcast Host and Startup Mentor who believes Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth.