How Gogobot is using Data to drive Customer Acquisition

How Gogobot is using Data to drive Customer Acquisition. An exclusive Interview with Tim Hannan, Chief Marketing Officer at Gogobot, in this episode of The Social CMO Show.


A little bit about Tim Hannan:

Tim Hannan, Chief Marketing Officer of Gogobot enjoys traveling and finding great places to eat, both abroad and in his own neighborhood. He lived in London for six years which is where he cultivated his wanderlust and love for adventure. Before joining Gogobot, Tim spent nine years in a variety of marketing and strategy roles at Expedia and then Orbitz. Most recently he ran the eMarketing team at Orbitz where he was responsible for managing online acquisition for both and Tim holds a BA from Providence College and an MBA from London Business School.

Follow Tim Hannan on Twitter: @tim_tch Gogobot: @Gogobot

Show Notes:

1) What is Gogobot?
2) What excited you the most to join as Gogobot’s CMO?
3) You’ve worked for a number of successful companies in the travel space, including Expedia, Orbitz and now Gogobot. How did you get started in the industry?
4) Before we move on to Orbitz, let’s go a bit deeper on some of the lessons you learned as a marketer from living abroad?
5) So what made you leave Expedia to join Orbitz?  
6) Can you tell us more about the emarketing role?  What were the goals you had and what were the challenges you had to overcome?
7) So what did you do to turn it around?
8) What are some of the lessons you’ve learned that you can now apply at Gogobot?
9) What is the top growth challenge you have today and how do you approach it?  


All this and more in this episode.

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