Growth Hacking by tracking your Competitor’s Tribes

Let’s say you’re a startup in the e-commerce food and beverage industry and you just launched. Chances are that you’re still trying to identify who your ideal customers are. You’re trying to figure out 3 things: Who your ideal customers really are? What their social profile keywords look like? Who their top community influencers are?…

Coca Cola twitter audience insights

#SocialNirvana: Coca Cola’s Social Audience Insights

  Brands invest a huge amount of time building their social audiences also known as fan following. But the million dollar question is, once you build these audiences, how do you keep them engaged? Well, there are different engaging techniques from running promotions and contests to creating a community of insiders to soft selling, but in order…

Startup Funding featured

Top 10 Silicon Valley Investors

‘The Infographic Top 10’ today brings you the top 10 Silicon Valley Investors. Dave McClure: Founding Partner @500 Startups at 332 investments. Tim Draper: Founder and Managing Director @DFJ Venture Capital at 116 investments. Naval Ravikant: Founder and CEO @AngelList at 111 investments. Matt Ocko: Investor @Facebook, @Zynga at 108 investments. David Lee: Managing member @SV Angel at 105 investments….


Spotlight: Ginni Rometty [Infographic]

Today’s spotlight is on Ginni Rometty, Chairwoman and CEO of IBM. Here are a few interesting facts about her in an Infographic. Her full name is Virginia M. Rometty and is fondly called Ginni. Ginni Rometty was announced the Chairwoman and CEO of IBM in January, 2012 after Sam Palmisano stepped down. She’s the first ever female CEO of IBM. She made it to the Fortune magazine’s ‘Top 50 Most…

Oprah featured

What Oprah never told you

What Oprah never told you: Facts and Wisdom We all know Oprah Winfrey as a successful American television host, actress, producer and philanthropist, but do we know the real Oprah? Here are 21 facts and wisdom from Oprah herself. 1. My first talk show was called People Are Talking. 2. My real first name is Ohpar. 3. I’m a member…


Demand Generation with Halloween Campaigns

Demand Generation with Halloween Campaigns : Holidays are fun. Here are some ways, your Company, Startup or Local Business can take advantage of this fun, festive season and use it as Demand/ Lead Generation with these Social Media Campaigns. 1.     Photo/ Video/ Essay Contests: Encourage existing Facebook Fans and win new Fans by starting a Photo,...