Winning Pitch Deck Ingredients

Key ingredients of a Winning Pitch Deck

You need Venture Capital to fund your Startup. But where do you start? Your Pitch Deck. Here are some key ingredients that you should include in your Pitch Deck.

1. Keep it Content Light- Plan your Deck to have a total of not more than 20-25 slides with less than 10 words per slide.

2. Keep it Visual – Show Graphics, Charts, Screenshots and text in a bulleted list.

3. Cover Slide – Start with an opening Slide of your Company logo with a 2-5 word Company tagline.

4. Elevator Pitch Slide – Your Vision for the Company in a bold, declarative statement of what you’re trying to solve.

5. Market Opportunity Show data/stats on Market size, existing proof points, larger business opportunity.

6. Pain Point Talk about the Problem and current available market solutions. Highlight Competition.

7. Your Solution Describe how you plan to disrupt this problem and see yourself as the Emancipator. Highlight Key differentiators and your Unique Selling Proposition.

8. Market Trends – Explain like a Detective why now is a good time to implement this solution given the shift in market trends/ technology and support it with Data.

9. Traction – List current stats on users, usage, downloads, traction, etc.

10. Marketing Approach and Strategy – Explain your plan to acquire initial as well as long term customer acquisition. 

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11. Roadmap – Talk about the near as well as mid term plans.

12. Business Model – How do you plan to monetize the service/ product.

13. The Dream Team – Show the Diversity and Expertise of each member of your team. Highlight the past experiences of the Founder.

14. Board and Advisors – Highlight the Board Members and Advisory Board Members of your Team. List Pics and short Bio on each.

15. Capital – List the amount you’re trying to raise as well as Investors that have already committed.

16. Summary – List 3-5 key take aways from the Deck. Highlight the strength of your Product/ Idea/ Solution/ Team/ Traction.

17. Closing Slide – Repeat the Opening slide with your Contact information and Website if any.

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Investor Pitch Archetypes 
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