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Social Media is the world's largest focus group

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Social Data Is Powerful But It Comes With It's Own Challenges

6 Challenges of Social Data Sifting, Identifying And Targeting


Too Much Data


Mining Data Is A Challenge


Investment In Tools


Pay For Data Usage


Hire Data Scientists


High Recurring Costs

Our Approach

We Provide Golden Nuggets Of Insights Based On The Decisions You Need To Make

So, You Don't Have To Invest In Data, Tools Or Expertise

Our Mission

outsource business intelligence with insights

Help You Outsource Business Intelligence. Get Actionable Insights. Save Money

What We Offer

Audience Insights Report

Do you want to understand a 100% of your Audience even if they’ve never tweeted before so you can go beyond Demographics or Age Targeting?

Do you want to know who makes your Top Audience Tribes based on Affinities, who are the people in each tribe and who influences them?

Do you want to leverage this information to create an omni-channel marketing strategy that includes: Social, Content, Paid, PR, Email, Influencer Outreach to win your ideal niche customer?

Do you want to know more about your Competitor's Audience Tribes, Target and Win them over?

audience insights report
use the power of social data intelligence to define your audience

Audience Listening Report

Do you want to know how your Brand is perceived in the Market?

Do you want to listen to conversations around what people dislike about your Competition?

Are you trying to do Market Research to develop your next big idea or launch a new product?

Do you need to listen to the Billions of Social Conversations happening in Real Time and be able to quickly take action?

Do you need help setting up Boolean expressions to track the right keywords, hashtags, brand name or someone in the near market to buy your product and set up the right monthly, weekly and real time alerts that can help score your bottom line?

Audience Development

Do you need help putting in place out of the box growth strategies to develop a Custom Audience for your newly launched Startup?

Do you need help A/B Testing and Targeting Niche Communities to test your ideal Customer Product Market Fit?

Do you need help with creating Tailored Lookalike Audiences to reach new Customers and Markets?

Do you need help setting up a well thought, creative and effective Paid Campaign Strategy with multiple Ad variations, Testing and Top Tribe Targeting for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to yield you the highest ROI without wasted Ad Spend?

Audience Development

Powering Growth For Customers Worldwide

Are You Ready To Leverage Social Data Insights for Growth?