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Opt out now before it’s too late #SocialNews

Twitter just announced an hour ago that now anyone can now send direct messages to anyone on Twitter, irrespective of whether that person follows you or not.

Even though this is an opt in feature, what it means that now your Twitter inbox and your email inbox if you’ve set up email notifications correctly can be flooded with spam and messages from people that you don’t really care about.

Of course building your network and being connected to the right people is always great, but only if everyone is conscious about no solicitation.

It seems like Twitter had been testing this feature for a while now on a limited beta but has just released it to its 288 million active users.

So, opt out now before it’s too late or rather do not opt in for anyone to send you direct messages unless you’d rather connect with the entire world!

Author: Shilpi Agarwal Shilpi is a Social Data Evangelist + Analytical Nerd + Design Junkie. She leads Social Strategi, a Social Media Agency with data intelligence chops that harnesses the power of social data intelligence to strategize and execute paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. She’s also a Speaker, Podcast Host and Startup Mentor who believes Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth.

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