Social Ad Campaign Strategy & Management

We analyse your social audience and find out who make your top affinity clusters? Who informs, inspires and influences them? 

Next, we segment and find niche communities within your social audience to help you focus on the ones that matter the most to you and your brand.

Finally, we help you target these social audience clusters of tribes through a series of social advertising campaigns that have the right strategy, visual and textual language, precise interest targeting and clear call to action to capture your audience’s attention to bring you the maximum ROI.

Target the right Audience Clusters

social ad campaign strategy

Facebook Advertising

We manage facebook advertising

Why Facebook Ads?

  • An average Facebook user likes 40 Business Pages. 
  • People with lots of friends and pages may see as many as 15,000 stories in their News Feed. 
  • Facebook Ads with social context have 50% higher retention rate.
  • We will design the right custom Facebook Ads for your Business with multiple ad variants, demographic targets and custom audiences.

Why Twitter Ads?

  • With 500 million Tweets a day and over 240 million active users, it’s easy to connect with people that care about the services you offer.
  • Drive users off of Twitter and onto your website landing page.
  • Build your Audience with Twitter’s Mobile Advertising.
  • We can help you create Twitter Ads that target your potential customers by keywords, users who visit your page, your followers, or users that share similar interests at a cost less than alternate PPC options like Google Adwords.

Twitter Advertising

twitter advertising

Retargeting Ads

Retargeted ads on facebook

Why Retargeting Ads?

  • Retargeting Ads allow you to show ads for your products to people who viewed those products on your site and then left without taking action.
  • Retargeting Ads are effective reminders for the users that they need your product or service.
  • Whether you’re looking to retarget your potential customers on Twitter or Facebook, we can create the right Ad for you with the right images, your unique selling point and your call to action.

Why LinkedIn Ads?

  • LinkedIn has a user base of over 300 million working professionals.
  • LinkedIn advertising solutions have become powerful tools for marketers. 
  • We’ll help you use the full potential of LinkedIn B2B Advertising to drive traffic to your website.
  • Whether you’re looking to manage PPC Ads or Sponsored Content, we’ll help you get the best ROI.

LinkedIn Ads

We Manage LinkedIn Ads

Campaign Optimization

We'll Analyze your Campaigns

What is Campaign Optimization?

  • We’ll test multiple Ad Variations.
  • We’ll split test your Demographic Targets.
  • We’ll define Custom Audiences for you based on your Customer Persona.
  • We’ll test campaigns not only by hours of the day but also by days of the week.
  • We’ll test multiple Ad Placements to see what works.

Why Multiple Ad Variations?

  • Expert Advertisers always make sure they’re running multiple versions of their ads.
  • Ad Variations are great for Split Testing. 
  • They help with Ad Rotation.
  • They’re great to improve Ad Performance and reduce Ad Fatigue
  • Generating these Ad variations is necessary but tedious and time consuming. We take care of them for you!

Multiple Ad Variations

Create multiple facebook ads

Advertising ROI

Provide Advertising ROI

What is Advertising ROI?

  • Which Ad Variations were more effective?
  • Which of your Demographic Targets performed better?
  • What Ad Copy strung a chord with your Target Audience?
  • Which Ad Creatives were clicked on more than their peers?
  • What days and times are the most effective for your target customer?
  • With our Visual Reports, it’s easy to see the Return on your Advertising Dollars.
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