Social Audience Development

With Audience Insights as the backbone, we help our Clients translate these golden nuggets of insights from Social Data into an implementation strategy that helps them build an audience and accomplish their Business Goal.
We use a method we coined known as ‘Intelligent Targeting’ which is essentially effective Social Media Advertising. It starts with leveraging Social Data Mining to identify the highest converting Tribes and the Influencers of each tribe based on Brand, Keyword or Topic and then target these Tribes and their influencers using rich Social Media Advertising in the language that resonates with them so you save hundreds of dollars of Ad spend with relevant A/B testing and get much higher ROI (Return on Investment) on your Ad spend.
We’re big on data and conversion tracking. So, we build the necessary landing pages, put all the conversion tracking pixels in place and put all the other plumbing in place to track conversions.
Next, we create a multitude of Ad variations and test them intelligently based on Social Data Insights. We optimize our bidding strategies and bid on actions taken by the user rather than just impressions for an even better ROI unless the goal is pure Brand Awareness in which case, optimized bidding by impressions is a better choice.

Audience Development

So what platforms can we help you build a Custom Audience on?

• Facebook
• Google
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Twitter

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