Social Audience Insights

There’s a saying ‘Go Fishing Where The Fish Are’. Social Media is the World’s largest focus group and we help our Clients leverage Social Data to find golden nuggets of insights for Market Research and Growth.

By providing goal oriented Data Mining, we bring you only relevant golden nuggets of insights that drive and accelerate your Business. You don’t have to invest in expensive monthly recurring Big Data Tools, go through the learning curve of these Enterprise grade Data Mining Tools or hire in-house Data Scientists to decipher them.

• We provide Data Mining from 80 million sources to bring you accurate data.
• Sources include Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
• Visual Social Media Channels like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.
• Non Social Channels like Forums, Blogs and News.
• We even cover insights from Facebook Topic Data.
• We track conversations in 173 different languages.
• Provide Audience Segmentation and Tribe Visualization based on behaviors, affinities and interests.
• Influencer Network Analysis.
• Big Data Tree Map Visualization.
• Contextual Content Visualization.
• Analyze Images with Image Recognition technology.
• Provide Sentiment Analysis.
• Set up Real time Alerts.

audience insights report

So, what can Social Audience Insights reveal?

• Social Data can tell you how your Brand is perceived in the market.
• It can help you listen to conversations around the likes and dislikes of your Competitor’s products or services.
• It can help you with Market Research to launch your next big idea or product in the market.
• Social Data can help you with Reputation Management for your Brand.
• It can help you learn more about your existing social media followers.
• Audience Insights can reveal your biggest Brand Advocates.
• It can also help you identify the key influencers for a topic, keyword or Brand.
• Audience Insights can help you identify your ideal Audience Tribes based on their behaviors and interests.
• Social Data Mining can reveal the top content, hashtags and domains shared by your Audience.
• It can also show you geographical heat maps of where your Audience lives.
• Audience Insights dug out of Social Data Mining is so powerful that you can create your entire Omni-Channel marketing strategy based on these golden nuggets of insights.

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