Social Audience Listening

Do you want to know how your Brand is perceived in the Market?
Do you want to listen to conversations around what people dislike about your Competition?

Are you trying to do Market Research to develop your next big idea or launch a new product?

Do you need to listen to the Billions of Social Conversations happening in Real Time and be able to quickly take action?

Do you need help setting up Boolean expressions to track the right keywords, hashtags, brand name or someone in the near market to buy your product and set up the right monthly, weekly and real time alerts that can help score your bottom line?

use the power of social data intelligence to define your audience

So, what can an Audience Listening Report reveal and what can you do with that information?

1. The conversations happening around a topic, keyword, brand or hashtag
2. The people who're participating in these conversations
3. What's the sentiment around that conversation
4. Trends that can impact your business
5. Track your competition's conversations

6. Know your Customers better
7. Offer better Social Customer Care
8. Understand and Manage the Reputation of your Brand
9. Find the share of voice
10. The demographics of your audience
11. And More...

Some Snapshots From The Audience Listening Report for Royal Airways

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