Social Audience Intelligence

Social Business Nirvana with Social Data + Audience Affinity Clustering

Social Business Nirvana

We understand, segment and target social audience into actionable insight to achieve Social Business Nirvana.



We analyse your social audience and find out who make your top affinity clusters? Who informs, inspires and influences them? What are your Affinity and Influencer scores?


DIY - Audience Insights Report

We help you segment and find niche communities within your social audience to help you focus on the ones that matter the most to you and your brand.


Audience Development

We show you who to target, based on your consumers’ interests and affinities, then predict the customer segments that drive the best returns in terms of growth, engagement and conversion.


Now that we have analyzed your social audience, we know who your top affinity clusters are, what are their interests and who influences them, it’s time to put this insight to use in Publishing, Advertising, Marketing and PR.

Social Content Publishing


We help you define your Social Media Marketing voice and tone so that you can speak in the language of your community. We help you curate relevant content as well as manage and publish the right content fit for your social audience for maximum engagement.

Social Advertising


Based on the top affinity clusters that matter to your Brand, we help you create a social advertising campaign strategy that has the right visual and textual language, precise interest targeting and clear call to action to capture your audience’s attention.

Social Engagement


Since we’ve already segmented your social audience into niche communities, we know exactly how to manage them, how to engage and influence them, what promotions and sweepstakes to offer that will excite them and help you grow.

Social Advocacy and PR

Define your Ideal Customer Persona

With the social audience analysis, we have a gold mine of information. We know who are the influencers in your community and who influences them. We help you reach out to these influencers, bloggers and convert them into your brand advocates.

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