Copa Airlines explainer video

Spotlight: Copa Airlines Explainer Video

Today’s Spotlight is on the Copa Airlines Explainer Video.

What I like about the Copa Airlines Explainer Video is that how they’ve taken a mundane topic about airline pre check-in and turned it into an interesting, easy to understand concept with a great story, cool graphics and a well done video production.

The explainer video talks about how a user can save time at the airport by using Web Check-In. A passenger can easily check-in from his computer, tablet or mobile phone, even when he’s travelling with baggage.

The explainer video does a great job of telling the viewer how easy it is to use the Copa Airlines pre check-in service and that the pre check-in is available between 2 and 24 hours before flight departure time. All the passenger has to do is enter his reservation code, ticket or frequent flyer number, along with his or her last name, confirm his itinerary and select the passengers he or she would like to check-in. With the passport in hand, the passenger must fill out all the required information and select his seat. There is also an auto check-in feature that pre populates the boarding pass for the return trip. That’s it. Simple and convenient! The passenger can then go ahead and print his boarding pass on the fly, email it to himself for printing or send himself a mobile boarding pass. Pretty neat.

Check out the explainer video that talks all about this in a great visually appealing story!

Over to you: What did you like in this Explainer Video? Share with us in comments below.

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