Heather Russell

Spotlight: Heather Russell [Infographic]

Today’s spotlight is on Heather Russell, founder and CEO of Rinkya Inc.

Here are a few interesting facts about her in an Infographic.

Heather comes from an Entrepreneurial background. Her parents had their own creative business and since childhood, Heather was intrigued. She always dreamt of becoming an Entrepreneur and running her own business.

She made her dream come true by actually moving  to Japan from Brooklyn and starting Rinkya Inc. She bootstrapped Rinkya Inc. which is an English language middleman service for Japanese online auctions, stores, manufacturers, and specialty websites.

In just a few years, Heather steered a steady revenue and employee growth for Rinkya Inc. For 5 years in a row, Inc. 5000 recognized Rinkya as the fastest growing Company.

Heather is an avid speaker and likes to connect with Entrepreneurs worldwide. Some of the events, she’s spoken at are TechStars, TNW, NACUE, Bitspiration, Start-up Island Hvar. Her favorite topics are Life Hacking, Mistakes as an Entrepreneur, Dispelling the bullshit you hear as a Startup.

Heather Russell Infographic

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