Skype in the classroom explainer video

Spotlight: Skype In The Classroom Explainer Video

How can Skype help students and teachers? Today’s Spotlight is on Skype in the classroom explainer video. The explainer video has great graphics and the story is narrated from a student’s point of view.

A student talks about how one day, their teacher introduced Skype in class. The student shares his excitement of finding a computer tool that lets him meet boys and girls from schools all over the world as well as cool grownups like zoo keepers and astronauts. Next, the child brags about his e-interaction with a zookeeper in India named Pradesh. He showed them the elephants he looks after and the child is thrilled to see and hear the elephant as clear as sitting right next to him even though in reality, the elephant, the zoo and the zookeeper are thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet. The teacher gives students a choice of picking their next Skype project? Our student is interested in learning if there are tooth fairies in other countries!

Over to you – What did you like about this Explainer Video? Share with us in comments. 

Introducing Skype in the classroom from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

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