Startup Growth Packages

Avoid the Top 3 Reasons Startups Fail

use the power of social data intelligence to define your audience

Perform better Market Research

Most Startup Founders think building a Startup is a lot like jumping off the cliff and building an airplane on the way down.

Social Strategi can help you do better!

We help Startups use the power of Social Data Intelligence to listen to their Audience's pain points around a product or industry, perform better qualitative and quantitative market research and leverage it to build a lean product that fills a white space faster than their competition.

audience insights report

Identify Niche Audience Tribes

When you're a Startup ready to launch, you don't have Customer data, Web data or Social Media followers to understand who your ideal Customers are.

Social Strategi can help you change that!

We leverage the power of Social Data to not only listen to the billions of real-time conversations but also to identify niche audience tribes that follow your top competitor or are interested in a topic, hashtag or keyword.

Understand who makes the members of these Tribes, who influences them, how they define themselves, affinities they have with brands, their purchase behavior, topics that interest them, top content they share online, top hashtags they use in their social media conversations and even their geolocation.

Use these granular insights to define your ideal Customer Persona.

maximize your startup budget

Maximize your Startup Budget

The biggest reason why Startups fail is because of the Business Model. Entrepreneurs are too optimistic about how easy it'll be to acquire customers. They believe in 'If you build it, they will come'.

Social Strategi can help you find a scalable way to acquire customers at the lowest cost possible.

We're growth solutionists who couple deep, Audience Insights with Intelligent Targeting to bring you managed, optimal Ad performance for Paid Customer Acquisition across all channels - Google Search, Shopping and Display, Facebook, Retargeting and Dynamic Product Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn at the lowest cost possible.

We then also help you monetize those customers at a significantly higher level than your cost per acquisition to give you managed, scalable, sustainable growth!