Alertly Pitch Deck spotlight

Startup Spotlight: Alertly Pitch Deck

Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Alertly, that’s making it’s way in the Security Market.

Alertly Pitch Deck: Security Made Simple

Alertly Pitch Deck talks about it’s mission to make the world a safer place by putting an alarm system in every car and every home. Alertly believes that now a days, since homes and homeowners are connected to networks practically all the time, there should be a more cost effective way to provide security than companies like ADT.

Existing security systems in the market are too expensive and require install expertise. Alertly solves this with smaller, smarter and cost effective devices accompanied with a mobile app to keep a tab on the security of your car, home, cottage or even your boat.

Founded by Jean-Luc David and Eugene Joe, Alertly is currently looking for its first seed funding round of $100K.

Here’s the Alertly Pitch Deck for you to check out:

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