CoolCity Project Pitch Deck

Startup Spotlight: CoolCity Pitch Deck

Startup Spotlight: CoolCity Pitch Deck

Feedback providing mechanism for cities

CoolCity Pitch Deck talks about the CoolCity Project which is an attempt to tackle the communication problem between the citizens of the city and the city authorities. We’re all so good at spotting the problems like fixing the street, streetlights, city garbage, traffic signals, etc but when it comes to raising our voice, we procrastinate. 

It’s highly unlikely that the city officials don’t know about these problems already, however their concern is the budget and the cost associated with the solution. Also, they don’t have a clue when it comes to prioritizing these problems based on what the city citizens would like.

Enter, CoolCity Project. With Citizen related metrics, Client related metrics and Product Marketing related metrics, it becomes a clear communication channel between the citizens and the city authorities.

Here’s the Pitch Deck for you to check out:

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