Sprout pitch deck

Startup Spotlight: Sprout Pitch Deck

Sprout: Providing green solutions to urban problems

Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Sprout, that’s making it’s way in the Green industry.

Sprout Pitch Deck talks about the problem that there are no speciality retail stores specifically for green products. Brick and mortar stores are diminishing, instead online stores are booming but there lacks a one stop shop for buying green products.

Sprout aims to tackle this problem by providing an optimal shopping experience for green consumers, delighting them and retaining them to come back for their green needs.

The fact that 82% of consumers chose to buy green products since 2009 and there are 82,000 green listings on Amazon is a strong Market validation that consumers are looking for green products to buy and use.

Founded by Jeremy Cai, here’s the Pitch Deck of Sprout for you to check out:


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