Success Story: TruValue

Their Story

Success story of TruValue, the fastest business news reading experience that was created to allow anyone to share their opinion about companies and the value those companies provide.

TruValue Score of Netflix

Their Goals

1. Increase Brand Awareness by increasing site visitors and to get people to register through a social login (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

2. Increase Brand Awareness through more App installs.

Target Audience

Reach individuals of ages 18 and up, living in US, UK and Canada, interested in Business, News and Investing.

Facebook Ad Variations

TruValue Facebook Ad Variation1
TruValue Facebook Ad Variation2
TruValue Facebook Ad Variation3


Campaign Duration

 2 Weeks

Facebook Ads



Total number of people reached in a short period of 2 weeks.



Total number of times people saw the sponsored Facebook post.

Our Solution

1. Brand Awareness Strategy

2. Website Visitor and Engagement Strategy

3. App install Strategy

4. Setting up Facebook Tracking pixel to track leads

5. Creative ad development

6. Media buying, bidding and ROI

How we did it

Social Strategi worked with TruValue Labs to create a Brand Awareness, Website Visitor and App install Strategy.

Tracking pixels were put in place to track the ROI of Facebook Ads. Two different campaigns were created, each with a particular goal in mind.

The first one was to bring people to the TruValue website,  register via a social login – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and start engaging on the website.

The second campaign was an App Install Facebook Campaign that leads people to the App store to download the App.

The result was that we were able to reach 30,000 people with 75,000 impressions in a mere two week period. The campaigns were a huge hit for Brand Awareness.

Author: Social Strategi Social Strategi is a Social Business Agency that brings Social Business Nirvana by reordering traditional organizational thinking, leveraging advanced social data insights and making the most of the intelligence available through social media.