The Big Data Wave

Are You Riding The Big Data Wave Yet? [Infographic]

According to the Global Digital Statistics 2014, out of the total world population of 7 Billion, about 2.5 Billion people are internet users, about 1.8 Billion are active on social networks and a staggering number of 6.5 Billion people of the world have mobile phones.  The amount of big data in the world today is…


How Technology And Animation Go Hand-In-Hand [Infographic]

“From the beginning, I kept saying it’s not the technology that’s going to entertain audiences, it’s the story. The computer is a tool, and it’s in the service of the story” ~John Lasseter, one of the three founding fathers of Pixar Animation Studios.  “In Hollywood, they think drawn animation doesn’t work anymore, computers are the way. They forget…

Post, Pin & Tweet: The Best Time to Outreach

What Is The Best Time To Be Social [Infographic]

It’s an established fact by now, that being a Social Business is good.  Being active on Social Media helps with Social Branding, Social Customer Service, Social Influence, Social Outreach and Social Referral Traffic. But can a Business be active on Social Media 24/7? If not, what is the best time to be active on  Social Media for…


Social Customer Service for Marketers [Infographic]

While the Marketing Teams hold the Social Media purse strings, it’s the Customer Service Teams that are the Kings of customer engagement. So, what exactly is Social Customer Service for Marketers and what is its role? Check out this Infographic. These two disciplines are the pillars of social media success for Brands – but how…


Do you think like an outperformer?

This CEO study by IBM shows how outperformers think. Check out the infographic and decide do you think like an outperformer? Looking ahead, what will be your most critical source of insights? Check out this Infographic from IBM’s CEO Study 2012 and see if you think like an outperformer.

10 job titles featured

10 most popular new job titles

After examining 259 million LinkedIn member profiles, here are the top 10 most popular new job titles that didn’t exist 5 years before. Technology and Fitness are the biggest drivers for these fascinating changes.


Are you a good fit for your dream job?

You have a dream job in mind but are you a good fit for your dream job? Is it possible that you're not? How can you find out which Company is right for you? A Silicon Valley startup is aiming to solve this problem for you by revolutionize the Hiring industry. In 3 easy...
Selfies on Social Media

The Selfie Phenomenon [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is a Selfie, you may ask? Definition: A photo of oneself usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites. 2005 to 2008 was dominated by MySpace, the largest social network then who started the selfie concept by letting users upload a 'MySpace pic.' Fast forward to August 28, 2013, when...