Pixar’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Visual Storytelling [Infographic]

Visual Storytelling is important for Entrepreneurs because: Stories have a longer life span. Stories are naturally social and sharable. Great Stories inspire. Visual Stories are easy to sell. Here’s a cheat sheet on Pixar’s 22 Rules for phenomenal story telling as a Slideshare and as an Infographic. Enjoy! Infographic by PBJPublishing, Designed by Emma Coats….

25 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You featured

25 Customer Service Skills Your Competitors Can Teach You

Do you want your customers to keep coming back? Then you can’t escape nor ignore good customer service! Nowadays, customers expect great customer service. That is a given. What can you do beyond that…something that makes your first time customers remember you, your service and your product and makes them come back to you. Even…

Startup Funding featured

Top 10 Silicon Valley Investors

‘The Infographic Top 10’ today brings you the top 10 Silicon Valley Investors. Dave McClure: Founding Partner @500 Startups at 332 investments. Tim Draper: Founder and Managing Director @DFJ Venture Capital at 116 investments. Naval Ravikant: Founder and CEO @AngelList at 111 investments. Matt Ocko: Investor @Facebook, @Zynga at 108 investments. David Lee: Managing member @SV Angel at 105 investments….


What makes a great App? [Infographic]

Apps are being adopted today by mobile users everywhere, whether it’s Android, iPhone or Blackberry. However, as the data indicates, the churn rate for these Apps is very high. According to reports, two out of three apps receive fewer than 1,000 downloads during their first year of design and even fewer get used on a regular…

Heather Russell

Spotlight: Heather Russell [Infographic]

Today’s spotlight is on Heather Russell, founder and CEO of Rinkya Inc. Here are a few interesting facts about her in an Infographic. Heather comes from an Entrepreneurial background. Her parents had their own creative business and since childhood, Heather was intrigued. She always dreamt of becoming an Entrepreneur and running her own business. She made her dream…


Do you think like an outperformer?

This CEO study by IBM shows how outperformers think. Check out the infographic and decide do you think like an outperformer? Looking ahead, what will be your most critical source of insights? Check out this Infographic from IBM’s CEO Study 2012 and see if you think like an outperformer.

10 job titles featured

10 most popular new job titles

After examining 259 million LinkedIn member profiles, here are the top 10 most popular new job titles that didn’t exist 5 years before. Technology and Fitness are the biggest drivers for these fascinating changes.

Selfies on Social Media

The Selfie Phenomenon [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is a Selfie, you may ask? Definition: A photo of oneself usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites. 2005 to 2008 was dominated by MySpace, the largest social network then who started the selfie concept by letting users upload a 'MySpace pic.' Fast forward to August 28, 2013, when...