Timbuktu pitch deck featured

Startup Spotlight: Timbuktu Labs Pitch Deck

Timbuktu: News for Young Inspirers Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Timbuktu Labs, that’s designing News for our Young Thinkers and Inspirers. The Timbuktu Pitch Deck talks about several misconceptions such as user testing fixes everything, users like surprises or that design is about beauty. Timbuktu aims at designing products that don’t…

Sprout pitch deck

Startup Spotlight: Sprout Pitch Deck

Sprout: Providing green solutions to urban problems Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Sprout, that’s making it’s way in the Green industry. Sprout Pitch Deck talks about the problem that there are no speciality retail stores specifically for green products. Brick and mortar stores are diminishing, instead online stores are booming but…

VidCaster Startup pitch deck

Startup Spotlight VidCaster Pitch Deck

VidCaster Pitch Deck : All in one Video Marketing Platform Launch and manage branded Video experience across all screens VidCaster Pitch Deck talks about the VidCaster video marketing platform that aims to be a true end-to-end solution to create a full video website and not just a standalone video player. Since Video drives action, VidCaster believes that the…

CoolCity Project Pitch Deck

Startup Spotlight: CoolCity Pitch Deck

Startup Spotlight: CoolCity Pitch Deck Feedback providing mechanism for cities CoolCity Pitch Deck talks about the CoolCity Project which is an attempt to tackle the communication problem between the citizens of the city and the city authorities. We’re all so good at spotting the problems like fixing the street, streetlights, city garbage, traffic signals, etc but when…


Pixar’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Visual Storytelling [Infographic]

Visual Storytelling is important for Entrepreneurs because: Stories have a longer life span. Stories are naturally social and sharable. Great Stories inspire. Visual Stories are easy to sell. Here’s a cheat sheet on Pixar’s 22 Rules for phenomenal story telling as a Slideshare and as an Infographic. Enjoy! Infographic by PBJPublishing, Designed by Emma Coats….