Bevii explainer video

Startup Spotlight: Bevii Explainer Video

Startup Bevii: Social Network, Meet Real Life Bevii is a mobile, location-based social networking app that automatically builds and values relationships for you. Bevii uses this relationship information to show you all the content you want to see without all the clutter you don’t.  Bevii Explainer Video talks about how life is full of new…

Sprout pitch deck

Startup Spotlight: Sprout Pitch Deck

Sprout: Providing green solutions to urban problems Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Sprout, that’s making it’s way in the Green industry. Sprout Pitch Deck talks about the problem that there are no speciality retail stores specifically for green products. Brick and mortar stores are diminishing, instead online stores are booming but…

Day One explainer video

Startup Spotlight: Day One Explainer Video

A simple way to Journal Day One Explainer Video talks about the Day One App that aims at transforming personal journaling from a chore to a simple and elegant pleasure. Day One enables you to capture your memories as they happen, in your own private and personal journal. Aiming to create a fast, better and memorable journaling…

pricena explainer video

Startup Spotlight: Pricena Explainer Video

Search, Compare and Save on the Best Price Pricena Explainer Video talks about how Pricena helps consumers to search, compare and save money on thousands of products from dozens of stores in the UAE. Check out the Explainer Video that talks all about it! )

Alertly Pitch Deck spotlight

Startup Spotlight: Alertly Pitch Deck

Today’s Startup Spotlight is on the Pitch Deck of Alertly, that’s making it’s way in the Security Market. Alertly Pitch Deck: Security Made Simple Alertly Pitch Deck talks about it’s mission to make the world a safer place by putting an alarm system in every car and every home. Alertly believes that now a days, since…

startup spotlight Socedo

Startup Spotlight: Socedo

Startup Spotlight: Socedo Turn social data into warm leads Socedo is an automated social media lead assistant that helps sales professionals leverage social media to discover leads and drive sales more effectively. You work hard to earn website traffic and even harder to convince your visitors to download a thoughtful white paper, and hopefully after that,…

Drync wine discovery app

Before you get drunk get Drync

Startup Spotlight: Drync A wine discovery App! Discover, track, scan, learn and buy the wine of your choice. These are just a few of the things you can do with Drync, an app for wine that claims to have a 2 million wine database, 3 million images, 1 million user ratings and 30K wines for…

Jeff Bezos

A tribute to Jeff Bezos: Founder and CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the board of is an American technology entrepreneur who has played a key role in the growth of e-commerce. Under his guidance, became the largest retailer on the World Wide Web and a top model for Internet sales. Born on January 12, 1964 (age 49) in Albuquerque, NM, Jeff has...
INISMO due diligence

Startup Spotlight: INISMO

Startup Spotlight of the Day: INISMO The idea : INISMO is a corporate funding platform focusing on early stage investment activities. Bootstrapped since 1 year, INISMO solves today’s problems of information asymmetry & inefficient funding processes. INISMO facilitates investors and entrepreneurs with their funding processes to improve the deal submission and deal flow management, connect investors...

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