Copa Airlines explainer video

Spotlight: Copa Airlines Explainer Video

Today’s Spotlight is on the Copa Airlines Explainer Video. What I like about the Copa Airlines Explainer Video is that how they’ve taken a mundane topic about airline pre check-in and turned it into an interesting, easy to understand concept with a great story, cool graphics and a well done video production. The explainer video talks…

Skype in the classroom explainer video

Spotlight: Skype In The Classroom Explainer Video

How can Skype help students and teachers? Today’s Spotlight is on Skype in the classroom explainer video. The explainer video has great graphics and the story is narrated from a student’s point of view. A student talks about how one day, their teacher introduced Skype in class. The student shares his excitement of finding a computer…

Bevii explainer video

Startup Spotlight: Bevii Explainer Video

Startup Bevii: Social Network, Meet Real Life Bevii is a mobile, location-based social networking app that automatically builds and values relationships for you. Bevii uses this relationship information to show you all the content you want to see without all the clutter you don’t.  Bevii Explainer Video talks about how life is full of new…

Forrester Playbooks Explainer Video

Spotlight: Forrester Playbooks Explainer Video

Forrester Playbooks: Get relevant, objective Business insights! Forrester Playbooks Explainer Video talks about how technology is radically changing the customers. The CMO and the CIOs don’t have the time to wade through the ocean of reports, white papers and unimportant opinions. So, how can one keep pace and fuel profitable growth? Forrester Playbooks organize Forrester…

Coffee Time App

Coffee Time App Animated Explainer Video

Startup Spotlight: Coffee Time App Efficient time management for Coffee lovers! Coffee Time App helps coffee lovers save time by pre-ordering their coffee and showing up for pick up avoiding the long queue for enjoying their morning coffee. Here’s the Coffee Time App animated explainer video. Agency: [ninja-inline id=2478]