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5 reasons to attend TiEcon this year

There are so many Conferences these days, how is this one going to help me? And yes, this one focuses more on Entrepreneurship but then again, there are so many out there. How's this going to be any different? Well, if you've been fighting with yourself with these questions, here's some thought to relieve your...
Aaron Levie @TiEcon

CEO under 30 – Aaron Levie

[View the story "CEO under 30 - Aaron Levie of Box.net @TiEcon 2012" on Storify] CEO under 30 - Aaron Levie of Box.net @TiEcon 2012 in fireside chat with R. Paul Singh, Chairman, DocSync.net Storified by Social Strategi· Tue, May 22 2012 20:51:57 Aaron Levie, 27 Year Old Co-Founder and CEO of Box to Deliver...

Welcome Video TiECon 2011

TiEcon is an annual conference for Entrepreneurs and is attended by 3000 Entrepreneurs worldwide. This video was produced by Social Strategi for TiECon and was played at the opening of the conference.