How BitTorrent applies Agile Marketing Principles for success

Chat with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer of BitTorrent on his top challenges for managing Brand Reputation and what he’s doing to overcome that challenge. What is BitTorrent’s marketing strategy behind the new billboards in New York and San Francisco that claim ‘Your Data belongs to you’ and how they’re going for the main stream despite having a reputation for internet piracy. How to apply Agile Marketing principles in your firm and what is the best way to get started with Agile Marketing following some of the best practices from Jascha’s book ‘Growing up Fast‘.

Listen to all this and more in this exclusive The Social CMO Show with your host, Social Data Girl.

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We talked to Jascha about:

1. You’ve worked with some of the top Brands of the World – Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle and now BitTorrent. Tell us about your professional journey and your current role at BitTorrent.

2. BitTorrent is notoriously suspected with internet piracy. How do you play for the mainstream?

3. Tell us about BitTorrent’s new Marketing strategy for Billboards both in New York and San Francisco – ‘Your Data belongs to you’ and ‘People > Servers’

4. BitTorrent launched The Bundle to give artists more control over their data. Tell us more about the bundle and the recent BBC release ‘Doctor Who’. 

5. As a CMO, how are you ensuring that your products like Bundle and Sync stand on their own and have a strong mind share in the market?

6. You’re a big advocate of Agile Marketing. What is Agile Marketing according to you?

7. How do you apply the Growing Up Fast principles at BitTorrent? What are some of the challenges you face? How can one get started with Agile Marketing?


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