How AdEspresso is driving new customer acquisition with inbound marketing

Take a first look at this Exclusive Chat with Massimo Chieruzzi, Chief Executive Officer of AdEspresso with your host The Social Data Girl, Shilpi Agarwal in this episode of The Social CMO Show brought to you by The Social Business School of SocialStrategi.com

Shilpi asks Massimo about his Serial Entrepreneurial journey. How he started Creative Web, Media Zen and now AdEspresso.

How did Massimo bring in 600,000 monthly visitors for Media Zen in less than a year?

Why did he start AdEspresso? What pain point is AdEspresso targeting?

Who’s their target audience and what are they doing to reach them?

How did this startup AdEspresso attract their first 100 customers?

AdEspresso has an average growth rate of 20% per month. What are they doing to growth hack their startup?

How is AdEspresso using Facebook Advertising to reach their own ideal customers on Facebook and what’s their average monthly Ad spend?

What are AdEspresso’s top 3 marketing challenges today and how are they addressing them?

Is AdEspresso leveraging Social Data to help their customers optimize their Ads on Facebook?

Will AdEspresso add Ad optimization for other platforms like Twitter and Pinterest too? What’s on the roadmap?

All this and more in this episode.

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Author: Shilpi Agarwal Shilpi is a Social Data Evangelist + Analytical Nerd + Design Junkie. She leads Social Strategi, a Social Media Agency with data intelligence chops that harnesses the power of social data intelligence to strategize and execute paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. She’s also a Speaker, Podcast Host and Startup Mentor who believes Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth.