SFGiants World Champs

Top 10 community influencers for the San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants just won the world series again. This was their third championship in the last 5 seasons. It’s interesting that they were originally called the New York Gothams before the team moved to San Francisco is 1958.

As one of the longest established professional baseball teams, the franchise has won the most games in the history of American baseball and any North American professional sports team.

@SFGiants have a twitter following of 702K and their Klout score is 99. Their twitter followers tweet about 39.05 times per month on average and their influencer affinity score is 12.13%.

After a Twitter Audit for @SFGiants, here are the top 10 twitter community influencers for the 3 time World Champions who influence their community besides themselves. Play along and see if you have it right!

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 1. 49ers @49ers – Official Twitter account of the five-time Super Bowl Champion San Francisco#49ers.

San Francisco 49ers


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2. Buster Posey @BusterPosey – Official Buster Posey Twitter Account

Buster Posey


3. MLB @MLB – Official Twitter of Major League Baseball.



4. Sergio Romo @SergioRomo54 – #54 Relief Pitcher for the SF Giants and reliever of all that is dull and boring in life!!! Haha Live it up and thats whats up!!

Sergio Romo


5. Sports Center @SportsCenter – All things sports, all the time. Nominate top plays using #SCtop10.

Sports Center


6. Hunter Pence @HunterPence – #SFGiants team player.

Hunter Pence


7.  ESPN @ESPN – We talk about sports, sports, and well … sports.  #DDFieldPass



8. Brian Wilson @BrianWilson38 – Official Twitter of a World Champion, and a World Champion Beard, Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson


9. Brandon Crawford @bcraw35 – Husband, Father, Son, Brother, & San Francisco Giants Shortstop I can’t hear the critics talkin’ over the applause.


Brandon Crawford

10. Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon – astrophysicist

jimmy fallon

What did you think of this list? Did you guess the influencers? Who’s your favorite San Francisco Giant? What did you think about the World Championship this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts.




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