Spotlight: Uber vs ZipCar [Infographic]

Uber vs ZipCar. What do they both have in common?

Uber: Visit Uber’s website and you’ll be in awe. If you’ve never heard of them before, it’ll take you a minute to figure out what exactly does Uber do.  Perfect at the art of Storytelling, Uber will take you on a journey from moving people, getting it done, making it a night out and arriving in style to going global.

Now, you’re really curious. So, what is Uber? At the heart of it, Uber is an app for a Taxi Service. Their tagline: ‘Everyone’s Private Driver’.

Their biggest competitor: ZipCar, a public traded company that also promises you ‘ Wheels when you want them‘.

So, how do they both compare?

Well, Uber was founded in 2009 vs ZipCar in 2000. Uber is a private company that recently managed to secure Series C funding for $258M, is based in San Francisco and has about 300 employees. ZipCar, on the other hand, acquired by Avis in the beginning of this year is based in Boston and has 700 plus employees.

Now, let’s take a look at how efficient each of them are at their Marketing:

ZipCar is doing much better at their Website Global Rank at 16K and US Rank at 4K vs 25K of Uber for Global and 7K for US.

Uber seems to be doing much better in terms of Mobile App ranking at number 1 in Travel and 64 in top Apps versus ZipCar ranking at number 72 in Lifestyle category.

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How are they doing in terms of sources of website traffic?

ZipCar is doing better at Direct, Referrals, Emails and Display Ad traffic and Uber is doing great with Search and Social traffic. Over 50% traffic for both Uber and ZipCar is Direct. Over 85% of Uber’s traffic comes from the US. 80% of ZipCar’s total Social traffic comes from Facebook, 32% of Uber’s total Social traffic comes from Twitter, over 89% of ZipCar’s total search traffic is Organic, Uber’s leading Referring site is Craigslist.org and about 14% of ZipCar’s Social traffic comes from YouTube.

Data Sources: Crunchbase.com, Angel.co, Wikipedia.org, Uber.com, ZipCar.com, SimilarWeb.com, TopAppCharts.com

Disclaimer: Some Data might have changed since this Infographic was created.

Uber vs ZipCar

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