Chapter 1: What is Social Nirvana?

Social Nirvana with Shilpi – Chapter 1: What is Social Nirvana?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Social Business‘ before and have wondered what it actually means. Well, it’s hard to escape the word these days specially when the Big Brands and Enterprises are talking about it. As, Sandy Carter, VP at IBM and Social Business Evangelist says “Social media does not change your culture, it reveals it.”…

new twitter profile

Your new Twitter profile can tell 13 different stories

Twitter recently announced the launch of a new profile design. If you’d like to know more about the new profile dimensions and its features, John Rampton has done a great job in his post for Search Engine Journal where he explains in detail the dimensions for: The Header Photo, Profile Photo and Background image and the new features: Best Tweets, Pinned Tweets and Filtered Tweets. [Tweet “Everything you need…

8 reasons to use infographics in your content marketing featured

8 reasons to use infographics in your content marketing

Infographics are simply using graphic design to visualize content that has long existed in other forms. Infographics can add valuable context to existing stories by using visuals to show relationships in data, anatomy, hierarchy, chronology, and geography.   While some believe that Infographics are a trend wave worth catching, here are 8 reasons to use Infographics in…


Pixar’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Visual Storytelling [Infographic]

Visual Storytelling is important for Entrepreneurs because: Stories have a longer life span. Stories are naturally social and sharable. Great Stories inspire. Visual Stories are easy to sell. Here’s a cheat sheet on Pixar’s 22 Rules for phenomenal story telling as a Slideshare and as an Infographic. Enjoy! Infographic by PBJPublishing, Designed by Emma Coats….