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Your new Twitter profile can tell 13 different stories

Twitter recently announced the launch of a new profile design.

If you’d like to know more about the new profile dimensions and its features, John Rampton has done a great job in his post for Search Engine Journal where he explains in detail the dimensions for: The Header Photo, Profile Photo and Background image and the new features: Best TweetsPinned Tweets and Filtered Tweets.

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If you’d like to upgrade your twitter profile to the new look, get it here.

However, this post is not so much about the dimensions or features of the new profile. Instead, I’m going to show you how your new twitter profile can tell 13 different stories for you.

1. Your Bold Logo – Showcase your Company Logo like B2B Marketing in bold, colorful, offcentered, hard to miss style telling your brand story

B2B Marketing new Twitter Profile

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2. Says a lot about you – Showcase the Brand You like Pam Moore that says she’s a speaker, a trainer, a consultant, author, CEO and Forbes top 10 social media influencer. 

Pam Moore new Twitter profile

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3. Your Tagline – Showcase your Company’s tagline like B2B Infographics so that it’s easy to tell what your company does or what pain point are you trying to solve.

B2B Infographics new Twitter profile

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4. Be Different – Showcase your new Twitter profile in an uncommon comic book style like Adweek. I’m sure that’ll catch the attention of your existing fans and help you gain new ones.

Adweek new twitter profile

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5. Highlight an Event – Give a sneak peek of your upcoming event like the Demand Success Conference for Marketing and PR by Vocus.

Vocus new twitter profile

[Tweet “Give a sneak peak of your upcoming event like @Vocus with the new #twitter profile #visual #content #socialmedia”]

6. What you’re known for – Showcase what people value you for like Robert Scoble, who is known for technology and his opinions.

Robert Scoble new twitter profile

[Tweet “Showcase what people value you for like @Scobleizer with the new #twitter profile #content #socialmedia #visual”]

7. You’re on the Map – Tell your story of how much you’ve grown and how successful your Brand is around the globe like Hootsuite.

HootSuite new twitter profile

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8. Photo Effects – I like how Social Media Week talks about humanity and technology coming together in a Photoshopped image of our modern world.

Social Media Week new twitter profile

[Tweet “Celebrate humanity and technology like @socialmediaweek with the new #twitter profile #storytelling #socialmedia #visual”]

9. Photo Collage – Weave tiny story snippets into one big story like Spredfast‘s new twitter profile.

Spredfast new twitter profile

[Tweet “Weave tiny snippets into one #story like @Spredfast with the new #twitter profile #socialmedia #content”]

10. Your Keywords – Let your new twitter profile tell your Brand’s story by showcasing your top 10 keywords like the‘s new twitter profile. new twitter profile

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11. The Process – Talk about Your product’s process and how it provides a viable solution like Nimble.

Nimble new twitter profile

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12. Be Yourself – Highlight your story with what you love like Andy Newbom.

Andy Newbom new twitter profile

[Tweet “Highlight your story with what you love like @Brewbom with your new #twitter profile #socialmedia #content #visual”]

13. Use iconsSocial Media Today is known for social conversations and so the use of social talk icons like speech bubbles is quite appropriate.

Social Media Today new twitter profile

[Tweet “Tell your story with your #industry icons like @socialmedia2day with the new #twitter profile #socialmedia”]

I hope that these examples have given you enough inspiration to dazzle your new twitter profile. We’d love to see them so show them off in the comments.

And before you go, don’t run off to see what Social Strategi‘s new twitter profile looks like, coz I haven’t updated it yet!

Author: Shilpi Agarwal Shilpi is a Social Data Evangelist + Analytical Nerd + Design Junkie. She leads Social Strategi, a Social Media Agency with data intelligence chops that harnesses the power of social data intelligence to strategize and execute paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. She’s also a Speaker, Podcast Host and Startup Mentor who believes Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth.