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Social Media Immersive

Learn how to leverage social media channels to create a brand strategy that has great brand awareness, makes an emotional connection with its audience and creates impact.


Social Advertising Immersive

The future of marketing is incomplete without paid advertising. This course will teach you how to setup social advertising campaigns across all platforms, how to target the right audience and how to measure what's important for a high return on investment without the wasted ad spend.


Social Data Immersive

Learn how to leverage social data for complete brand intelligence, 360 degrees audience intelligence, influencer, trends, market research and even white space intelligence.

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01 Are these Full Time Courses?

We offer full time, part time and even online courses. Please contact us to learn when the next session will start.

02 How much does it cost?

Each immersive costs $7,500.

03 What is the duration of the course?

Typically, the duration of the course is 10 weeks, about 3 hours of instruction per week.

04 What is unique about the Social Strategi Academy?

Social Strategi’s Academy courses are taught by Instructors who are subject matter experts and they also teach at some of the top-notch¬†Bay Area Universities like the Stanford Continuing Studies, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz Extensions. They have a lot of experience with course, curriculum and even certificate development as well as designing and facilitating in-depth blended learning approaches.

05 Do you offer Workshops?

Yes, we do.

In fact, we offer custom 4 hours, half day, full day, 2-day and 3-day workshops.

Some workshops that we currently offer are:

  1. Social Media Marketing Bootcamp
  2. Effective Social Selling for B2B
  3. Social Media for Brick and Mortar
  4. Effective social media strategy for eCommerce
  5. ABM Marketing on LinkedIn
  6. Social Media for Startup Growth.

Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a workshop for your company or if you’re looking for a custom workshop not listed here.



Contact us to learn more about the syllabus, next session, custom workshops or partnering with us.