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Accelerator Partners

We consider other Accelerators as our Partners and not our Competitors. So, whether you're a Startup graduate from the best Accelerator in the world or have never joined an Accelerator before, we welcome you to explore our Program that specializes in helping you learn the ropes of how to change the growth trajectory of your startup.

social strategi accelerator training

Growth Training

We started this Program with the single vision of helping Startups master Marketing.</p> <p>Our Program has a heavy emphasis on teaching you how to leverage social media, social data, social advertising and artificial intelligence for spotting trends and identifying white space in your industry, creating better market research, doing competitive analysis, stealing your competitor's audiences, creating better customer personas, identifying influencers, creating a strong brand strategy, and targeting the right audience for the highest possible conversion rate with the least amount of wasted ad spend.

social strategi mentors network

Great Mentor Network

We have a Mentor's network that consists of great professionals skilled at what they do as well as professionals who're graduates from the top institutions in the world - Stanford, UC Berkeley, Wharton School of Business and Indian Institute of Technology.

Social Strategi Startup Accelerator

01 There are so many great Accelerators already. So, why more?

Yes, we agree. We’re fortunate to call Silicon Valley home which is also home to some of the best Accelerators in the world.

Our research indicated that there was a gap:

  1. Some of the best Startup Accelerators have a very low acceptance rate, as low as 1%. So, this Program would be a way to help many more startups who don’t get accepted into those programs but still have a great idea worth pursuing.
  2. In order to secure any round of funding whether it’s seed or Series B, Investors and VCs are looking to see traction. This program is designed to help Startups understand and master the growth equation for their startup so they’re better equipped to close their desired funding round.

02 What is unique about Social Strategi's Accelerator program?

Social Strategi is a Marketing Agency that has worked with and helped several Startups in growth.

We also have an Academy that has Instructors who also teach at some of the best institutions in the world like Stanford Continuing Studies, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.

The value that our Accelerator Program brings is trifold.

  1. Agency that understands the growth challenges and knows how to market.
  2. Training from the best and the brightest.
  3. Expert Mentor network.





Contact us to learn more about the Program, what's included and how to apply for the next cohort.