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My Sales Dialer

When Social LLC. approached Social Strategi with the task of increasing registrations to their Growth Marketing Conference, we were thrilled. We approached the problem in a unique way. First, we drilled down on the past attendee’sĀ audience insights for the growth marketing conference. Understanding that the main target audience for the Growth Conference so far have been Startup Founders, we then dug deeper into the audience insights of 500 Startups, VentureBeat, and GrowthHackers – all known to foster Entrepreneurship. These insights helped us to understand that not only Startup Founders were the right target audience but also product marketers, te, h and marketing lovers were also a great fit and would benefit greatly from the Conference. Armed with these detailed Audience Insights, we helped Social LLC. and Growth Marketing Conference create targeted ads on various social platforms including Facebook and Twitter to increase Conference Registrations by 30%.



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