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CEO, Social Strategi LLC

Shilpi Agarwal.

Shilpi Agarwal is a Social Impact Leader and CEO of Social Strategi LLC, a Social Enterprise that leads initiatives to help scale the impact of social good. One such Initiative is the Social Data for Social Good Initiative, a Free 10 Weeks Marketing Acceleration Program for nonprofits and Social Enterprises. Another Social Good Initiative led by her is the DataEthics4All Initiative. The mission of this initiative is to raise awareness for ethical data-driven practices and build a community of ethical data practitioners that go beyond mere compliance, earn the trust of their customers and leverage data ethics into a significant competitive advantage. Shilpi is the driving force behind the first Data Ethics Advisory Council, an honorary advisory board that brings together brilliant business minds to help lead the responsible development of data ethics. Shilpi is a firm believer in Social Good. She has taught at Stanford and UC Berkeley and is an MIT $100K Launch Mentor.

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