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CEO, Social Strategi LLC

Shilpi Agarwal.

Shilpi is a Social Intelligence Business Leader and a non-linear thinker trained in Engineering and Design, practicing the art of Data + Visual Communication for Growth. She leads Social Strategi LLC - World’s first Social Media Agency, Academy and Accelerator that helps Brands create social media magic by leveraging Social Data and Artificial Intelligence. Shilpi is a Social Entrepreneur who believes in creating Social Impact by doing Social Good. She started the Social Data for Social Good Initiative - a free 10-week Acceleration Program to help nonprofits master social media to create better brand awareness and reach their ideal donors. With 17+ years of experience, she has helped Agencies, Fortune 500, SMBs, Nonprofits, and Startups. She’s a Continuing Studies Instructor at some of the top Universities in the World including Stanford and UC Berkeley and a Mentor/ Advisor to Startups worldwide.

Social Media Strategy 00%

Brand Intelligence 00%

Competitive Intelligence 00%

Customer Acquisition Strategy 00%

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