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We are building a Community of Ethical Data-Driven Marketers and You are Invited

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ethical data-driven marketer

We are building a Community of Ethical Data-Driven Marketers and You are Invited

You might have heard

“Data is the New Currency”

But as Business Leaders and Digital Marketers, we must ask ourselves

Is Data really everything?

Mark Zuckerberg just proved to Marketers and the World that Data isn’t Everything!!!

As Michelle Manafy, Editorial Director of Digital Content Next points out “While consumer data can be used to deliver value, there are important ethical issues that must be carefully considered to achieve success in the long term.

This isn’t simply a question of transparency in data collection, judicious use, and robust protection. Marketers need to consider their immediate objectives and long-term customer relationships every time they think about or employ, data-driven ad targeting.”


Hi There,

My name is Shilpi Agarwal. I’m a Social Intelligence Business Leader and a non-linear thinker trained in engineering and design, practicing the art of data + visual communication for growth.

As an ethical data-driven marketer myself with 15+ years of experience, I lead Social Strategi LLC, a new kind of insights + strategy firm that provides social media strategy and brand intelligence to Agencies, Fortune 500 Brands, SMBs, Non-profits, and Startups.

I’m an Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies as well as an Adjunct faculty member at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.

As a Social Good Enabler, I started the Social Data for Social Good Initiative – a FREE 10 Weeks Acceleration Program for Nonprofits and Social Benefit Enterprise.

I work with Startup Accelerators and Social Organizations like the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Pacific Community Ventures, IgniteXL, HubSV and as an Advisor and Mentor to Startups worldwide.

We’re building a Community of Data-driven Marketers who not only understand the best practices and ethical approaches for data collection, but also know how to use and apply it ethically to all aspects of Digital Marketing like – AI driven Marketing, Social Media, Social Selling, Account Based Marketing, Ad Targeting and even Social Good.

This Community is also for those who’d like to learn the best practices, use cases and applications of ethical data usage and become ethical data-driven Marketers themselves, bringing long-term value to the Companies they work for.

Some of the Topics we’ll talk about in this Community are:

social selling and account-based-marketing

This Community is for Ethical Data-Driven Marketers at Fortune 500 Companies, Big Brands, Enterprise, Startups, Nonprofits, and Social Benefit Corporations.

Membership Costs $49.99/ month or $499.99/ year


Exclusive Member Only Benefits:

  • Exclusive Content
  • Webinars
  • Best Practices
  • Polls & Opinions
  • Questions and Answers
  • A community of like-minded Peers

So, are you ready to embark on this journey of becoming an Ethical Data-Driven Marketer and joining your Peers? 

Come Join Us